Far Cry 5 Official game trailer and release date

Ubisoft has formally disclosed the next Far Cry with an introduction trailer, including its release date and some other new trailers. The diversion, which is set in the anecdotal Hope County, Montana.

Far cry 5 is an upcoming activity experience first-person shooter created by Ubisoft Montreal and distributed by Ubisoft. It is the fifth fundamental passage in the Far Cry series.

The story takes after a sheriff's delegate who has arrived in Hope County just to find that the whole district has been assumed control by a doomsday faction, The Project at Eden's Gate. Your job is to help rally local people into the Resistance, and take out the religion. In the interim, a few local people will take the side of the local army cultists. 

Like its forerunners, the diversion is an active experience first-person shooter set in an open world which players can investigate unreservedly. The diversion highlights another character maker, in which players can alter their character's appearances, sexual orientation and skin tone.

This implies you can play as a man or a lady and pick your race. I don't know how much genuine customization you'll have regarding forming your character's appearance.

Players have an assortment of devices and weapons to battle against foes, for example, shotguns, guns, rocket launchers, bows, explosives, for example, projectiles, and scuffle weapons like pitchforks, heavy hammers and slugging sticks..

Official release date: February 27, 2018

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