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Recover your missing android phone with ( Where's My Droid App)


Was your smartphone stolen or missing?

Then you came to the right place 👍

In this article am going to introducing to you an awesome app called Where My Droid.

They are several Anti-theft apps to pick from but this is my recommended choice. This App goes above and beyond the usual method of locating missing phones

wheres my droid main screen


The GPS feature will find the geographic location of your phone. By default, the GPS setup is ready and good to go. This feature also allows you to send a secreted word to your lost device phone number.

The ring highlight will drive your gadget to ring at max volume regardless of the possibility that the gadget is set to quiet mode. This likewise you to send a text ring attention word to trigger you lost telephone.

With this element turned on, this will confine every single unapproved client from changing your application settings.

This feature alerts you when a change is made on your Sim card or telephone number.

This component enables you to remotely take pictures with your camera, The photograph will be transferred to the web version for your to see. pictures are also on a failed screen lock attempt.

This element enables you to remotely bolt your missing gadget. 

This feature enables you to remotely delete all information on your lost telephone, keeping anybody from getting your own data.

This component keeps any application from being uninstalled from your gadget.

This enables you to remotely download you contact and calling log information 

The nice part about the application is that it's not continually transmitting area data so this has negligible effect on your battery

Get it on Google Play

NOTE:  all this method won't work if your phone battery is dead.

Don't forget to drop your feedback in the comment section bellow 😉

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