Welcome to GTWorld, Nigeria’s First Fully Biometric Mobile Banking App

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) just propelled Nigeria first completely biometric App now as GTWorld. With GTWorld, you have a Mobile Banking App that is intended to take into account all that is imperative to you effectively and flawlessly. GTWorld highlights biometric verification, for example, facial acknowledgment and fingerprint, which perceives a client and adjusts to how and when they need to bank. The facial acknowledgment include implies that you now have versatile keeping money App that remembers you and adjusts to how and when you need to bank.

Key Features:

  • Log in and complete your transactions utilizing your face recognition, finger print or a 4-digit PIN. 
  • Check your account balance, transfer money within your accounts and buy airtime, all without signing in. 
  • Turn your contacts into a recipient list; send cash to somebody using only their mobile number. Apply for a loan and set investment funds to target ideal from your smartphone. 
  • Send your Account Statements to your email or to a government office of your decision.

Manage your Accounts:

  •  Set up another account and view your account balance(s). 
  • View exchange history and inquiry exchanges 
  • Fx Transfers to all Banks 
  • Confirm and deal with your checks.

Payment and Bills

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer cash to GTBank account and every other bank. 
  • Buy airtime and information for self and third party. 
  • Schedule and manage standing requests 


  • Find GTBank ATMs and branches close you 
  • Block your lost or stolen card 
  • Get a New Card 
  • Get the best arrangements on the SME Market center point

Gtbank has reliably lead the main role in Africa's banking industry. The GTBank mark is viewed by industry watchers as outstanding amongst other financial related organizations over its auxiliary nations and fills in as a good example of the budgetary administration's industry because of its inclination for world class corporate administration principles, brilliant administrations, quality, and advancement.
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