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How to get the App Notification dot feature on any Android device.

Google recently released the Android O Developer Preview which accompanied a considerable measure of features including the notification dot. This is a small visual cue over an application icon that informs you about a pending notice. This element is like the iPhone Notification red dot. This element may be accessible to Android O clients however in this article, I will demonstrate to you how to enable this on any Android device.

Nova Launcher Prime v.5.2+ ( N399 )  Buy it on Playstore OR Download Using external link
TeslaUnread v.5.0.8+ ( free )  Get it on Playstore OR Download Here

  1. If you have Nova launcher already installed, you have to uninstall it *important
  2. Download Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread using the External Links above and install
  3. Set Nova Launcher as you default launcher
  4. Open Nova Launcher and scroll down and select Notification badges
  5. Chose the style you prefer either
  • Dynamic Badges
  • Dots or 
  • Numeric Badges

Select the icon dot position and picked the favored size you need. And that's all, you have effectively enabled the notification dot highlight on your Android device.

And please don't forget to drop your feedback in the comment section below, your feedback is very important to us, 😉

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