Lenovo exibited a fully foldable smartphone at 2017 Tech world event

Flexible tablets and smartphones are something of a myth of consumer innovation. Enormous organizations are continually discussing them and flaunting demos, but companies have left it up to consumers to imagine what these mythical devices might look like until now.

At Lenovo Tech World a week ago, the Chinese tech powerhouse divulged Folio, a tablet with an adaptable screen that enables it to crease into a pocketable dual screen cell phone. You can watch the enchantment unfurl in this hands-on video presented on YouTube.

Sadly, the Folio is only a concept idea, ( which implies it most likely won't be available for consumer release yet ). Be that as it may, Lenovo is by all accounts on to something. As you can see in the video, the hybrid cell phone is effectively switching between a 7.8-inch tablet and 5.5-inch smartphone. That won't appear like a major hop, but rather those are nearly the correct measurements of the iPad Mini and iPhone 7 Plus. The Folio even has a Galaxy-like "Edge show" when put in cell phone mode.

The Folio runs on a Snapdragon 800 processor, and a 1920x1440 screen resolution. The genuine shocker is a portion of alternate things a foldable screen enables you to. In the video, a Lenovo representative shows how the Folio can change into a camera where the subject can really observe the actual structure of the image before taking the photograph.

We have no word yet on price estimation, however, I can't envision the amount it’d run in the present market considering the cost of innovative work for flexible screens and the super specs found inside the gadget.

Over to you, what are your opinion on this futuristic device? drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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