Substratum: The next generation Android theme engine [root required]

Whats up guys, today I'll give you guys a brief overview of the app called substratum.

Substratum is an underground layer similar to the CyanogenMod theme engine expect it was built from layers with a bunch of additional features. This activates a hidden theme engine in your Android smartphone and utilizes all Sony's overlay manager server found on the official AOSP code review.
In summary, it lets you customize your Android smartphone and sounds from the keyboard to the menus to the navigation bar to even your ringtones

Note: You do need to be ROOTED and running on Android 6.0 or higher in order to get this working on your phone

  • Start by installing "substratum theme engine" from the Google Play Store. Then, launch the app and quickly go through the introduction and set up.

  • Once you're finished with the installation, tap "Allow" when prompt to give the application authorizations, press "Grant" on the Superuser popup request. The application will clarify what the contents are for, and root is required to guarantee the theming viewpoint works as intended.

  • To exhibit how the theming works, we'll be using Default Dark Substratum Theme, however, you can use any substratum theme that gets your attention. Hunting down "substratum subjects" on the Play Store will give you a lot of results to pick from. Once you've discovered one you like, simply install it like any other application.

  • After installing your preferred theme, go back to the substratum application and make a beeline for the Theme Packs page, at that point select the theme you just installed. If you wish to apply the whole overlay, Simply select the switch next to "Select to toggle all overlays." Otherwise, you can choose and pick the individual applications and components that you'd like to apply for the theme by ticking the boxes beside them. 

  • When you're set, hit the floating action button and tap "Install Selected." Give your Smartphone a moment to compile and install all part of the overlays. You'll see a progress bar — sit tight for that to finish installing. When everything has completed, simply reboot your smartphone to enable the theming motor to apply the overlays.

After your Smartphone completes the process of rebooting, you'll see that the chosen overlays have been applied. Contingent upon the theme you picked, different parts of your smartphone will now have a crisp new look. Other than stock applications like SystemUI, most developers additionally incorporate subjects for some well-known third-party applications, for example, WhatsApp, Youtube, Playstore and much more

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