Google set to launch the next Android OS during the August 21 Solar eclipse

Google has some smart thoughts for the Solar Eclipse that is going to impact its way on August 21-2017. Users with gadgets like the Google Pixel will receive an update of the Android O (whose name will likewise be uncovered) when the Solar Eclipse happens. There'll be a major occurrence in New York City to make the arrival of Android O more proficient.

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What does The Android O entail? Diminished load times, redesigned UI, better battery life and parcel of installed AI features like Google Lens (a visual search application), copy-less pasting and a photo in-picture mode, notification dots and lot more.

Google's point with the Eclipse event matches the arrival of their next huge variant of Android. This variant of Android was code-named Android O – a placeholder for whatever sweet name they have selected. They've generally named Android forms with desserts or candies some time recently, and we have no huge motivation to speculate they won't again now.

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