How to make the perfect Instagram photo split grid

 Ever wondered how they make that perfect split grid on Instagram?. well, guess what? it's easier than you think. With this, you can impress your Instagram followers and even gain more followers with this simple trick.

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You may have seen some Instagram accounts have pictures that are split in different grid style. This course and style make a tyrannical and extraordinary look to your endless feed and switches things up with respect to content. It's essential to ensure each picture looks great separately while part since people will see each single picture while looking through their feeds. Fortunately, 9square has made this feature a breeze by enabling users to split pictures by uploading the image onto the App from your smartphone. Users have the alternative of split a picture into two, three, four, six or nine separate tiles.

This component is likewise famous for several fashion brands, chef, artist, and much more. It's an extraordinary approach to grandstand your work in an eye-catchy way that leaves your followers inquisitive and needing more. Below, we explain how to utilize the 9square Splitter Feature.

How it works

  1. Load an image from your camera roll into the pic splitting application
  2. crop the square area you need to use in your Instagram feed
  3. Upload the pictures from bottom right to upper left so they show up in the right order on your Instagram profile
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Tips for maintaining the perfect grid effect
Blunder in favour of caution if you need to keep this grid effect intact! After you have an Instagrid picture on your profile, you'll have to upload your pictures in groups of three. Otherwise, the pictures will progress toward becoming misaligned. 

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