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Google Year In Search 2020: A Year To Remember.

 2020 have been a crazy year with ups and downs. At the beginning of the year, so many of us had wonderful plans for the year, but the year already had different challenging plans for us. Nobody ever predicted what 2020 had in store for us.

Every year, Google puts together an annual look back at the most popular search terms and questions that people asked the search engine in the preceding year called "Year in Search". The global campaign highlight a glimpse into the questions, people, events, and moments that resonated around the world in a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic. And in a year that tested everyone around the world, one question broke all language barriers this year was “Why.”

As narrated by Kofi Lost, a Ghanaian-American poet and musician based in Boston. "The most human trait is to want to know why. And in a year that tested everyone around the world "why" was searched more than ever"

"And while we didn't find all the answers, we kept asking. Some questions inspired joy, others excitement. Some questions made us cry, some made us worry about the spinning rock we call home."

"Why were so many lives lost? Why are we still asking the same questions, so why do we still have strength to continue. Why are we not defeated? We kept going for those who showed us the way. Why is it that this year showed us its worst, we still found ways to triumph?"

"So until we get to every answer ...were still searching."

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