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How To Download HD Quality Movies Using uTorrent 2021

This article will teach you how to download high-quality movies using uTorrent. Beware that downloading movies pirated movies is illegal in most countries, and can get you in trouble with the law, or with your internet service provider. So download movies using torrents at your own risk and it is also recommended to use VPN when downloading a torrent file.

What Is A Torrent?

A torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed and downloaded by users using a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent. 

To get started you need to install the uTorrent by following the steps below

Click here to download uTorrent

Accept the download and Install the downloaded file

How To Download HD Quality Movies Using uTorrent

  • Launch uTorrent
  • Go to PirateBay and search for the movie you want to download
  • Select the movie you want to download. You can also see the file size below the movie link.

  • (Important) Make sure the movie you select is in the "Videos (HD - Movies)" category

  • When you're on the download page click "GET THIS TORRENT"

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  • A pop-up page will appears then click "Open Torrent"

  • Wait for the uTorrent download page to pop-up

  • Select your download location and click Ok to start download
And that's all, just go to your download location and your movie is ready. This method can also be used to download games, music, books and many more.

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