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How To Make App Store Purchases and International Payments In Nigeria 2021

Sometimes it can really be frustrating to be a Nigerian. Have you ever tried making an online purchase or tried buying some coin for your favourite games but unfortunately your card got declined? Then this app is for you.

Introducing Bater by Flutterwave, a mobile app that lets you create a virtual dollar card for international payment, subscription, in-app purchases and online shopping anywhere in the world where your local cards won’t allow you due to restrictions. It also allows you to request and send money between friend and family with a breeze.

How to set up your Bater Account

  • Download Bater from Play Store or Apple Store
  • Click on create account
  • Input your remain address and contact details
  • Use ( abdul ) as your referral code
  • Complete your verification by putting in the OTP sent to your email.

How to create your Virtual Dollar Card

  • First, you need to add money to your Barter account either through your debit card, or bank transfer. a minimum of $3 or more (approx N1200) would do.
  • Click 'Create new card'
  • Fill out the Card details
  • Enter the amount you’d like to fund your dollar card with. ( Note that card creation fee cost $2)

And that's all folks, you now have yourself a new Virtual dollar card. Click on the card to view full detail such as card number, expiry date, CVV, billing address and zip code.

You can buy and pay for anything with it a breeze.

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