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Windows 11 is NOT AS GOOD as you think, here's what you need to know before Upgrading.

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Windows 11 was officially announced on June the 24th and will probably be released on October 5, and it will be a free update to all users who currently own compatible Windows 10 PC. Microsoft has also made it clear that Windows 11 will have some restrictive hardware requirements which will prevent it from being installed on many current PC's. In this article, I'm going to discuss this issue and also tell you what I think is good and what is bad about Windows 11, but before that lets's talk about the hardware requirements.

Window 11 requires at least 1Ghz dual-core 64-bit CPU 4GB of RAM 64 GB of storage a 720p display, a motherboard with a UEFI BIOS and a secure boot. This means Windows 11 cannot be installed on a PC with a legacy BIOS, you can view full requirements here. However, if these were the only hardware requirements most current PCs could quite happily run Windows 11 but sadly this is not the case, the reason is that Microsoft had thrown two additional hardware hurdles into the mix. 

Firstly Windows 11 will not run on just any 1GHz dual-core 64-bit CPU but only on those Microsoft deems compatible. A full list of compatible Intel and AMD processors have been published on the official Microsoft website. However, the headline is the windows 11 will only support 8th generation Intel processors or newer and 2nd generation Ryzen + AMD chips or later. This basically means that any PC with a CPU release before about 2017 for Intel or 2018 AMD will likely not support Windows 11 and in turn, this means that a lot of PC's sold in 2018 and 2019 will contain a processor that may not be able to run the latest Windows 11 operating system.


There are some interesting things to discuss, the first noticeable feature is the centred taskbar this is probably the most visually recognisable element of Windows 11 so far and it's definitely a nice look. It's something most people have always tried to achieve in the previous versions of Windows and it's just right out of the box it's in the centre.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The start button is also there so if you're used to just moving a mouse to the bottom left because it's been like that forever, you now have to get used to clicking it in the middle. if you still prefer the taskbar on the left then no worries, you can obviously still move the taskbar to the left If you want but it definitely looks better in the centre. They've gotten rid of the live tiles in the start menu and it's now a more modern kind of refreshed look, the apps are now available in a grid and it's just a nicer looking start menu to me.

The third feature is on the Windows interface itself, these now have rounded corners and a translucent minimal design. This is a more modern look compared to previous versions of windows, we've seen similar designs on a lot of other operating systems like macOS and now it's on windows 11. This new design direction will obviously not please everyone but personally, I think it looks stunning.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The new Windows also come with another interesting feature call Snap Layout. This is designed to help you organize your windows task layout and optimize your screen real estate so you can see what you need just the way you want in a layout that’s visually clean. You can also create separate Desktops for each part of your task and customize them to your liking and offering flexibility of multiple windows and the ability to snap apps side by side.

Now let's talk about the fact that Windows 11 is technically bringing Android apps onto the Windows 11 operating system, but it's not really what you think. They're not actually getting app developers to write apps to run natively on Windows 11, what they're doing is you go to the Microsoft store you download the Amazon app and then through the Amazon app store you can download Android apps you like to run on your PC. So it's basically still kinda similar to Bluestack, you still need a third-party app to run the Android app on your PC's.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Also surprisingly, the new update is very stable and bug-free compared to the previous windows update. And this is probably because the new Windows 11 is not that much of a shift from Windows 10 which is a good thing in the sense of stability but for the people that wanted something crazy in something more substantial, it's not really there now.


The hardware constraints that Microsoft plans to include in windows 11 are shocking. Microsoft claims that Windows 11 is faster and more battery efficient than Windows 10 and so it should run at least as well as Windows 10 on existing hardware. Therefore, it's quite annoying that Microsoft is trying to force many users to purchase a new PC to run Windows 11.

Windows 10 support will end on October 14th 2025, which simply mean on this date hundreds of millions of computers running the old operating system will end up in a landfill. Microsoft also claims that limiting the requirement of Windows 11 to PCs with TPM 2.0 and the latest CPUs are good for security and the user experience. But personally, I think it should be up to the user to decide what hardware they consider appropriate and indeed what they can afford.

Also, the requirement to use a Microsoft account for the home edition is not good news as it continues to take us down the path of an operating system being a service rather than a basic utility.


Why did they even call it Windows 11 when it could technically be passed off as an incremental update for Windows 10 rights? I think it's because they're just trying to draw publicity to this new version of Windows and I think it's a good time, if you think about Apple products like those M1 devices, they are popular in gaining traction and Microsoft needed to do something to breathe life into the whole Windows ecosystem which has been sitting stale for the past 5-6 years now, and so we have Windows 11. This might not be the biggest upgrade but this is definitely a step forward.

What do you think about Microsoft new operating system? let us know what you think about Windows 11 down in the comments section below.


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